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Debunking Common Misconceptions about Building Automation

smart-buildings-m2mBuilding automation can do everything from cutting your energy consumption to helping increase worker productivity. Even if you have already heard about "smart" buildings, much of what you've been told may be outdated or just flat-out wrong. Therefore, we have taken the liberty of tackling some of the most common misconceptions about building automation and setting the record straight:

 Q: What is Dial Backup?
How do I setup Dial Backup?

At its simplest, dial backup (DBU) is designed to dial the original phone number that the attached terminal dialed if the IPG is unable to connect to the TCP/IP host. Example: a POS terminal on port Terminal1 dials 555-1212. This number is translated to TCP host somehost.com:1234. The IPG attempts and is unable to connect to the TCP host. So the IPG opens the modem port, dials the original number (555-1212) then passes all the data, untouched, back and forth between the Terminal1 port and the Modem port until one side hangs up.

Alternatively, you can configure a Dial Backup number in the Phone Number Translation table or in the Host Protocol definition. In this case, the specified DBU number will be used instead of the originally dialed number.

For detailed setup insructions, see Dial Back-up Documentation in the Application Notes section..
    Answer Last Updated: September 25, 2008