Systech RCS-5000The RCS/5000 is characterized by high reliability, superior software functionality, expanded harware interfaces, and simplified remote installation.

The RCS/5000, offering unique functionality to users with specialized nees, enables users to manage, control, program, and share access to peripheral devices over the Internet or Intranet using standard protocols.


Looking for a product replacement? Upgrade path for the RCS/5000 is the NDS-5000.

  • RCS/5000 New Features and Enhancements +

    Release 06K to 06K.1

    • Added support for SWK queue defrag'ing to protect against out-of-memory conditions caused by sparse TTY input. Also, quadart input buffer sizes were reduced from 1K to 512 bytes.

    Release 06J to 06K

    • Added the 'A' suffix to the model string for the RCS/5000, 6000, 7000, and 8000 models with the working 10/100 hub.
    • Added support for better NativeCOM purge functionality.

    Release 06I to 06J

    • Added Open SSL library. Only included in image for SDK users using the SSL library.
    • Added date command. This command allows setting and displaying of the port servers time.
    • Added systime command. This command allows setting the port servers time from a value obtained from a time server or HTTP server.
    • With the addition of the date and systime commands, the RCS/4000 image is now compressed.
    • Changed the time kept on the port server from local time to GMT time.
    • Increased the available number of XINU port queues from 50 to 128.

    Release 06H to 06I

    • Added checking for the ethernet LINK status for the RCS/3000 hub-less models and RCS/5000,6000 10/100 BaseT hub models during MBIST.
    • Added support for RCS/6000 and RCS/8000 models with the 10/100 BaseT hub.
    • Added support for the 16-port RCS/6000 and RCS/8000 models (port swapping).
    • Added FAST_NND_TO and SLOW_NND_TO conditional compiles to support different quadart NND (no new data) timeout values.

    Release 06G to 06H 

    • Added checking for the ethernet LINK status for the RCS/3000 hub-less models and RCS/5000,6000 10/100 BaseT hub models during MBIST.

    Release 06F to 06G

    • Added support for SDP discovery over routers. This allows port servers that already have an IP address to respond to SDP discover requests, even to a host with a different network address.
    • Added support to the telnet command to allow specification of the source TCP port.

    Release 06E to 06F

    • Added additional recording of trace information during panics.
    • Added ability to set custom configurations on the parallel port.

    Release 06D to 06E

    • Initial Release
  • RCS/5000 Bug Fixes +

    Release 06K to 06K.1
    • None.

    Release 06J to 06K

    • Fixed bug that prevented the port server from obtaining a DHCP lease from the LinkSys BEFSR41 DSL router. This changes the minimum acceptable DHCP lease time from 10 to 5 minutes. (01766)
    • Fixed SSL bug to avoid memory corruption when the library is initialized more than one time.

    Release 06I to 06J

    • Fixed PPP bug that would cause ICMP TTL expired error, when pinging accross a PPP link. (01754)
    • Fixed bug in xp_pcreate() that would cause a panic if all of the system's port queues were in use. This only affects SDK users that can exhaust the supply of port queues.

    Release 06H to 06I

    • Fixed telnet bug that caused the "pg" command on HP/UX v10 systems to get messed up. The stty ECHO and ICANON settings would get messed up. (01747)
    • Fixed bug in telnetd server that caused connections to take a long time to complete when the DNS server information was incorrect or the DNS server was unavailable. (01714)
    • Fixed bug that could cause the port server to panic if a large amount of output data was backed up on the serial port when it is closed. (01749)
    • Fixed bug in MBIST code that would cause the status LED to blink yellow/off instead of green/off. (01753)

    Release 06G to 06H

    • Fixed MBIST ethernet test for the RCS/5000,6000 with the 10/100 BaseT hub (LXT9863). (01739)

    Release 06F to 06G

    • Fixed range check for the custom task number so that it matches the values displayed in the shell command prompt. (01709)
    • Fixed bug in DHCP/BOOTP option processing that would cause a panic if an option length was > 127.
    • Fixed DHCP daemon to allow it to be restarted if the system IP address is manually set back to
    • Fixed bug that caused the DHCP daemon to spin, sending DHCP packets when the rebind time expired. (01718)
    • Fixed bug in DHCP daemon that would renegotiate a DHCP lease, after it was overridden by an SDP IP address assignment. (01723)
    • Fixed bug that did not show the proper DHCP lease information under all circumstances. (01724)
    • Fixed bug in DHCP option processing that would incorrectly process the options if option overloading was used. (01728)
    • Fixed bug in DHCP client and SDP daemon that was not correctly setting the IP address and mask, if the IP address and mask were already set. This problem was exposed by the addition of the supernetting feature. (01689)
    • Fixed DHCP daemon to accept a BOOTP reply. (01684)
    • Fixed bug in DHCP daemon to use the time offset, time server, gateway address, and tftp server address given in any DHCP or BOOTP reply. This allows the time to be set from a time server, if any, when the firmware fails to get a DHCP/BOOTP reply, but the OS does. (01685)
    • Fixed bug in the flashd daemon that would cause the port server to panic and r4000 to hang when downloading the syslog display. (01706)
    • Fixed bug that prevented HTML lists from being properly formatted for Netscape and Opera browsers. (01670, 01686)
    • Fixed bug that could cause the Opera browser to crash and the Netscape/Mozilla browsers to not display the javascript confirmation dialogs. This would happen when applying changes to the configuration database. (01671, 01687)
    • Added support for supernetting. (01676)
    • Added missing "Assured Quality Link" selection to the summary confirmation message for the "set ppp" shell command (WAN port only). (01710)
    • Changed the syslog continue message from hit "any" key to hit the "ENTER" key. The user must press the ENTER key to continue.
    • Fixed telnetd close to drain output data (with timeout) during an orderly shutdown.
    • Fixed bug in telnetd that was improperly converting CR-LF to CR, when sending data to reverse telnet configured serial ports in non-binary mode. (01680)
    • Fixed bug that could cause the "save" shell command to panic. (01707)
    • Fixed bug in PPP that did not manage the AQL heartbeat timer when links were deleted. (01711)
    • Fixed bug in PPP that could cause the port server to panic if the DCD modem signal was lost (M_HANGUP) while making a PPP link. (01705)
    • Fixed bug that would panic the port server when receiving ICMP redirect messages and no entry could be found in the route tables for it. (01719)
    • Fixed bug in quadart based serial ports that would cause streaming input data to be received in bursts, with delays in between, at lower baud rates (<38400). (01682)

    Release 06E to 06F

    • The "netstat -a" command would occasionally panic or display the error "corrupt control block chain". (1011, 1104, 1503)
    • The "set ppp" authentication menu was not displaying properly. (1644)
    • High data traffic could cause the OS to run out of critical memory. (1651)
    • The "syslog display cont" command was incorrectly pausing after each screenful. (1655)
    • Simultaneous requests to serial ports or the HTTP server could cause port hangs and/or panics. (1656, 1662)
    • The "Welcome" screen in the browser interface incorrectly specified the location of the "Save" button. (1663)
    • NativeCOM clients could not connect to the command-shell on TCP port 23. (1667)
    • HTTP POST requests were not being properly authenticated. (1669)
    • Fixed potential panic in SDP daemon's DISCOVER handling. (1672)
    • Fixed potential panic in PPP CHAP timeout handling. (1674)
    • Removed incorrect references to RCS/4000 from the "add trap" command.
    • Enabling "pin1" swapping would cause incorrect modem signals to be reported. (1659)
    • Model names for RCS/5116 and RCS/6116 were not being correctly displayed.

    Release 06E

    • Initial Release
  • RCS/5000 Notice +

    The RCS/5000 series has been replaced by Systech's NDS/5000 series which offers the following important upgrades at the same price as the RCS/5000:

    • Twist lock power connector
    • Serial port speed improved to 230.4 k Baud (Max)
    • Improved surge/spike protection on serial ports
    • RoHS compliance standard

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