Systech RCS-4000 The RCS/4000 is targeted at users who need to manage, control, program and share access with one to four peripheral devices over the LAN or Internet using standard protocols.

8 or 16 RS-232 Ports

Software Selectivle Serial Port Interface

High-Speed Sychrnous WAN Port

Parallel Printer Port

IP Packet Routing

PPP and SLIP Protocol Support

Remote Configuration and Management



  • RCS/4000 on Windows NT Application Notes +

    The RCS/4000 product family may be used in the Windows/NT environment to provide RAS dial in access, dial-out access through telnet, TCP/IP routing over a WAN and other terminal server and routing functions.

    NativeCOM Ports under DOS

    Assuming that your system has two native serial ports called COM1 and COM2, the NativeCOM Ports will start at COM3

    • 4 port RCS/3000
      -  the additional COM ports will be COM3-COM6.
    • 8 port RCS/4000
      -  the additional COM ports will be COM3-COM10.
    • 16 port RCS/4000
      -  the additional COM ports will be COM3-COM18.


    If your NT server is configured as a TFTP server, you can download configurations and new software to the RCS/4000 through that server. A shareware version for Windows NT has been tested and found to work with the RCS/4000.

  • RCS/4000 Notice +

    The RCS/4000 series has been replaced by Systech's NDS/5000 series which offers the following important upgrades at the same price as the RCS/4000:

    • Twist lock power connector
    • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet instead of 10-Base 2 and 10-Base-T
    • 4 port 10/100 switch
    • Serial port speed improved to 230.4 k Baud (Max)
    • Serial ports on front of unit
    • Improved surge/spike protection on serial ports
    • RoHS compliance standard
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Looking for a product replacement? Upgrade path for the RCS/3000 is the NDS-5000.